Our Beautiful out door garden also includes waterfalls for the outdoor environment of your garden.
"Waterfalls" is about our connection to water as human beings and the intelligence it has to understand our quest of life through love and our higher self. It's about the importance of water in our lives - the water around us and inside us...how it brings us together. And, it describes the importance of giving thanks and blessings for its nourishment - to not only the planet and our bodies, but to our soul. Most of our listeners will think it's just a love song, but it goes much deeper than anyone might realize.

Story Behind the Song: This song originally began as a general love song (ballad) that brought 2 people together via waterfalls, tears, rain etc... However, the song felt that it had it's own life and energy. So, the ballad changed to fast body moving tempo and then after a few rewrites, it was clear that there was a more interesting and unusual story to tell... a deeper meaning of its true essence. After I read some of the research on the intelligence of water from Masaru Emoto ( MESSAGES FROM WATER) where water droplets are shown to react to music and words, it was evident that this was to become a dance song to celebrate water - not just as a subject, but an entity and energy of life and love. So, we dedicate this song to Masaru for his incredible research and inspiration and invite our listeners to check out his amazing research. You will never think of water the same again!

Add a casual, nature-inspired look to your yard or garden with a waterfall fountain. These durable, reticulating fountains have an extremely natural look, yet are very lightweight. Waterfall fountains will add a wonderful new atmosphere to your outdoor space, while giving off the soothing sound of a mountain stream.