Placing a sculpture or sculptural form in your garden doesn’t need to be difficult. The main point to consider is that the material that it is made from can withstand the elements.

Sculpture can provide an attractive focus within any outdoor space. The eye is naturally drawn to materials and shapes that enhance and contrast with the local environment, the planting, the surrounding landscape or architecture. Sculpture can be formal, traditional, figurative, abstract, contemporary, organic, natural, colourful, obvious, fun, secretive, questioning, the list is endless….. Sculpture can be placed to provide a focus from a set viewpoint within a home or from a certain point in the garden. Many public schemes are enhanced by the addition of sculpture and this tradition leads to way for today’s artists and designers to add sculptures and outdoor features to their projects.

Sculptural forms can include statuary, furniture, urns and planters, water features, weather vanes and sundials.
Sundials are linked to both history and the heavens. They can provide a formal and interesting addition to any garden. Contemporary sundials often combine interesting shapes, colours and materials.
Water features can add dynamic, energizing and light-enhancing qualities to a garden or roof terrace. Features are available in many interesting shapes and materials. The soothing sound effects of water can help to cut out the unwanted hum of modern city living!