Garden Furniture is available in a variety of materials and styles, shapes and sizes.
From the more traditional style dining tables and chairs in teak, mahogany, oak, etc, to more contemporary materials including titanium, concrete, aluminium, rubber, fabric and stainless steel, etc.

Unconventional modern garden furniture was, until recently, only available with expensive designer price tags, but designs have now filtered down to the high street and cost conscious retailers are offering exciting, mass produced alternatives at affordable prices.

As with anything the price you pay will usually reflect quality and workmanship involved and possibly also reflect the expected lifespan of the item. Furniture can be bought ‘off the shelf’ or ordered.

Commissioning an artist/maker to produce bespoke pieces can be a very rewarding process. Costs may be higher but the finished item is made to measure, unique and will probably last a lifetime!

Traditional Timber
Traditional Style Dining Tables & Chairs
Loungers & Steamer Chairs

Material Combinations
Benches & Stools
Dining Tables & Chairs
Loungers, Steamer Chairs & Low Chairs

Contemporary Designs
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